6 AN AN 6 5/16" Stainless Steel PTFE Ethanol Fuel Line Hose 3ft

Are you a car enthusiast? If yes, then this product is best suited for you!

Stainless steel PTFE Ethanol Fuel Line Hose is specially designed to sustain high pressure and temperature and has diverse fluid compatibility. The braided stainless steel hose is ideal for cars and high-pressure fluid flows. Ideal for fuel lines, ethanol, coolant, and lube in racing cars and racing bikes.

Product specs:

  • Size: AN-6, 6 AN 5/16” with 3ft length
  • Material: Durable stainless steel for high pressures and temperatures
  • Outside diameter or OD: 10.92 mm or 7/16”
  • Inside diameter or ID: 8.13 mm or 5/16”
  • Working pressure: 3000 PSI
  • Maximum sustainable pressure: 5000 PSI
  • Temperature range: -300F to 500F
  • High-pressure sustainability, ideal for racing cars
  • Reliable for off tracking and on-track racing

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