-12 AN 12AN 11/16" Braided Stainless Steel Rubber Fuel Line Hose 20FT

Fuel Hose Type: AN-12 Stainless Steel PU (Polyurethane) Made Fuel Line
Inside Diameter: 18mm (11/16")   
Outside Diameter: 22.6mm (7/8")
Condition: Brand New. Never been used or installed
Pressure Rating: 1000 Working PSI / 5000 Burst PSI
Temperature Rating: -100F to 500F (-73°C to + 260°C) under most operating conditions.
Application: fuel, lube, alcohol, ethanol, coolant and air for automobiles or marine engines, most suitable for racing cars & motor racing bikes.
Note: If you order more than 1, we will ship you a continuous length of line

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